Transforming teachers’ and students’ lives through a schoolwide approach to literacy learning

Past practice to improve literacy outcomes has typically focused on the design of various approaches to teaching literacy or strategies for learning, but this has neglected the research that shows that within schools, variability in pedagogy contributes most to differences in student achievement. Our collaborative research over the past 10 years has found that development of authentic Schoolwide Pedagogy (SWP©) results in improved student learning outcomes (Crowther, 2011; Crowther, Andrews & Conway, 2013). More recently, our research demonstrates the impact on literacy learning outcomes (Geoghegan, O’Neill & Petersen, 2013; O’Neill, Geoghegan & Petersen, 2013; O’Neill, 2015). Schools are able to improve their literacy results through a shared pedagogical approach to literacy learning, and in the process, transform the professional lives of their teachers as well as students. Discover the power of collaboration, authentic professional learning and a schoolwide approach to pedagogy as a means of reinvigorating literacy learning.

Contacts: Dr Shauna Petersen; Dr Deborah North; Prof. Shirley O’Neill