A process for developing your Schoolwide Pedagogy (SWP©)

Major objectives include:

  • to clarify the concept of SWP© and its relationship with school improvement
  • to experience a process of developing an SWP©
  • to enhance teachers’ professional knowledge and skills for leading the construction of an SWP©
  • to heighten appreciation of personal pedagogy and how to work with the diverse pedagogies that exist in a school
  • to introduce suitable activities for engaging teachers in exploration, articulation and implementation of a whole school approach to pedagogy

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What teachers say:

One of the best PD days I’ve been involved in. I learned a lot about SWP . . . and myself.”

“It presents as do-able and not over-whelming.”

“Initial trepidation but as it unfolded the process ‘worked’ . . . and being part of a team is reassuring.”

“Very thought provoking . . . Takes you out of your comfort zone.”