LRI Research has informed LRI practice for more than two decades (1999-2021) and contributed to school and system understanding of whole school improvement. From targeted research facilitated by invited consultancies across a range of Australian Education Systems, Singapore Ministry of Education and a school in Sicily, we have used a Research and Development (R&D) model to enhance school success; in particular, student outcomes, teacher professionalism and quality leadership (principal and teacher). The value of the work has been recognised through ongoing consultancy in these areas including more recently the development of an Aspiring Leaders program in one system acknowledging an impending crisis for attracting, appointing and retaining principals.

Of major significance is our long-term research through an ARC-SPIRT project and a number of co-funded projects conducted in partnership with systems and schools. These projects have focused on organisational alignment, capacity building and leadership concepts resulting in the development and utilisation by schools and systems of a number of LRI constructs: Innovative Designs for Enhancing Achievements in Schools (IDEAS)©; Parallel Leadership©; SchoolWide Pedagogy (SWP)©; Three-Dimensional Pedagogy (3‑D.P)©; and the Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA)©.